CyprusOffice is a new way of doing business in Cyprus, applicable for business people who want to keep investment and maintenance costs to minimum, get their office set up immediately and get immediate access to all corporate and professional services … Read more

CyprusOffice is a Cyprus business center located at the entrance of Nicosia the capital of Cyprus. The area at the entrance of Nicosia is considered the most luxurious and the most corporate area of Nicosia. Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic bank… Read more

CyprusOffice offers turnkey Cyprus offices adequate for Cyprus substance required by various national laws… Read more


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1.   Cyprus Serviced OfficesRead More

2.  Cyprus Business AddressesRead More

3.  Cyprus Virtual OfficesRead More

4.  Cyprus Meeting SpaceRead More

5.  International Business ServicesRead More

6.  Online banking and administrationRead More

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7.  International Tax AdviceRead More

8.  Digital Services

Solutions we offer

        Serviced offices

  • Turnkey Serviced offices at various sizes
  • Part time staff employment
  • Secretarial services
  • Air condition, office heating
  • Telephone line, internet connection
  • Personalised telephone answering
  • Photocopying and faxing
  • Conference room
  • Video conference facilities
  • Kitchen support

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        Digital services

  • Email hosting
  • Provision of email addresses
  • Website hosting and design
  • Backup and Data Storage solutions

        Business address

  • Registered address
  • P.O. Box
  • Correspondence handling

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        Meeting space

  • Meeting rooms
  • Conference facilities
  • Receptionist services
  • Meeting schedule arrangements
  • Travel arrangement
  • Internet connection
  • Video conferencing facilities
  • Photocopying and faxing
  • CyprusOffice stationery
  • Kitchen support

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        Virtual offices

  • Casual work space
  • Internet connection
  • Registered address
  • P.O. Box
  • Correspondence, message handling
  • Owned telephone number
  • Own call answering
  • Call forwarding
  • Business cards
  • Marketing materials
  • Use of reception and conferences
  • Photocopying and faxing
  • Travel arrangements
  • Video conferencing facilities
  • Access to kitchen facilities
  • Provision of email address
  • Creation of a website assistance

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        Company incorporation

  • Cyprus company incorporation
  • Shelf companies provision
  • Provision of executive directors
  • Provision of non – executive directors
  • Provision of secretary
  • Part – time staff employment
  • Registered office

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  • Bank account opening
  • Credit card provision
  • Online banking
  • Banking administration

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        Intern. business services

  • Company stamp and seal
  • Registrar of companies certificates
  • Board minutes
  • Certificates of incumbency
  • Company’s register
  • Certificates of Good Standing
  • Company search
  • Affidavits
  • Translations
  • True copy documentation
  • International courier services
  • Companies’ strike off and dissolution
  • Issuance of tax certificates for companies and individuals
  • Certification of documents
  • Apostiling of documents
  • Contacts, agreements review

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  • Maintenance of accounting records
  • Preparation and filing of VAT Returns
  • Preparation and filing of VIES Returns
  • Payroll services

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        Business restructuring

    • Business restructuring
    • Mergers and acquisitions
    • Re-organizations
    • Cross – border mergers
    • Redomiciliations
    • Structuring on income
    • Cyprus International trusts
  • Intellectual property rights (IP)

        International tax advise

    • Structuring dividends, interest etc
    • Managing payment of income
    • Beneficial owner principles
    • Economic substance requirements
    • Management and control
    • Effective management
    • Advising on tax resident principles
    • Proper allocation of group risks
    • Financing companies
    • Thin capitalization principles
    • Structuring loan income
    • Examine loan agreements rationallity
    • Arm’s length principles
    • Holdings of multiple investments
    • Cyprus double tax treaties enforceability
  • OECD principles enforceability

        Tax compliance

  • Companies tax compliance
  • Individuals tax compliance
  • Employment tax
  • Value Added Tax (VAT) and related

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        Tax requests

    • Tax opinion reports
    • Tax clearance certificates
    • Tax resident certificates
  • Cyprus Tax residency for Individuals

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  • Management accounts
  • Financial statements (IFRS)

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