Serviced office and office space provision Industry overview

Revenue generated by business Centers and serviced offices will continue to grow as the number of telecommuters in the workforce increases. The Serviced Office Leasing industry is a growing industry and active in countries such as the United States, Japan, Singapore, Switzerland, United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates.

Recent publications demonstrate that the Serviced Office Leasing industry is in the growth stage of its life cycle. Businesses are increasingly turning to “industry companies” to rent or lease work and office spaces, including fully furnished offices. Renting or leasing office space is a cost-effective alternative to buying or leasing a commercial property

One of the major reasons why people are looking for a serviced office is because they want to maintain professional business office space in a high-profile business environment easily accessible at an affordable cost. This can only be achieved via serviced office. Business people must ensure that lease office facility is providing a business environment in a location easily accessible by both people running their businesses and their clients.

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