A Cyprus Virtual CyprusOffice

A Cyprus virtual CyprusOffice provides communication and administration office services to Cyprus International Companies without the need of maintaining actual office space or conventional office in Cyprus.  A Cyprus virtual CyprusOffice provides access to office facilities like remote receptionist services, virtual assistants, call answering and call forwarding services, access to professional venues, provision of professional address and P.O. Boxes, provision of mailing addresses, opening of mail, provision of casual work space, internet connection, fax, copier and printer services, video conferencing and kitchen facilities at low set up and running cost.

Why setting up of a Cyprus virtual office?

A Cyprus virtual office is set up by Cyprus international companies mainly to:

Compliance reasons

Other reasons

A Cyprus virtual office can be placed somewhere between a fully Cyprus serviced office and a Cyprus paper presence.

How we can help

We can help you to set up your own virtual office at a reasonable cost.

Contact us

Please contact us for a free personal consultation at [email protected]


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