What is Cyprus serviced office space… why setting up of a Cyprus serviced office space and not a conventional Cyprus office…

What is Cyprus serviced office?

A Cyprus Office serviced office is a new way of doing business in Cyprus, applicable for Cyprus Registered Companies who want to get their office set up immediately. CyprusOffice serviced offices are fitted and furnished office spaces in a professional business environment, ready for immediate use. Cyprus Office serviced offices provide fully fledged serviced offices in Cyprus at various sizes tailored on each business needs. Some of the major facilities offered by Cyprus Office serviced offices are access to conference rooms, access to office equipment such us photocopying and faxing, provision of owned telephone line, internet connection, full administration and secretarial services, video conferencing and kitchen support

A Cyprus Office serviced office is a new way of doing business in Cyprus, applicable for Cyprus Registered Companies who want to get their office set up immediately.

Why setting up a Cyprus Office serviced office? Cyprus serviced office space or a traditional Cyprus office space?

There is a misconception among some parts of the market that the comparative cost of a Cyprus serviced office space is much higher than a traditional Cyprus office. Indeed, on a pure price per square foot basis, Cyprus serviced offices are often more expensive; however a business that uses Cyprus serviced offices to gain more flexibility in terms of size of space and length of contract could benefit from a lower overall cost under a traditional Cyprus office.

Under Cyprus serviced offices it is possible to lease office space or shared office space for a set number of employees only, and by not adding meeting rooms, kitchens or reception areas, to reduce the overall size requirement and, in turn, the total rent.

What is then the Cyprus Office serviced office advantage?

Test Cyprus international business environment at minimal risk

With a Cyprus, serviced office businesses can explore Cyprus’ international business environment without a significant long-term investment. This means that if expanding and unsure which Country to chose for international business, then Cyprus could be tested with minimal risk, and then base the final decision on concrete results.

Choosing a Cyprus Office serviced offices, time is not wasted when moving in

Upon the final decision to set up an office space in Cyprus, time is not wasted for setting up the office space. This can significantly affect the flow of business. Cyprus Office serviced offices are already set up and ready-to-use. Everything is already there meaning you won’t waste any time waiting for phone and Internet companies to install new lines or internet connections, etc

Cyprus office space flexibility

An overriding reason for the use of Cyprus serviced office space is the flexibility it offers. Cyprus Office serviced office can provide a fully functional office space within a matter of days or even hours to meet the demands of the customer. This affords them the flexibility to let businesses move in quickly and or grow or cutback as needed

Cyprus office space one fee covers all

Cyprus serviced office fees also cover those additional costs that would normally be paid on top of a traditional office space rent, such as security, a reception area, cleaning, and internet access. Moreover, the Cyprus office serviced office tenants to avoid the potential cost of reinstatement at the end of a traditional lease. The transparency of the Cyprus Office serviced office fees allows businesses to understand their costs and outgoings clearly while avoiding capital expenditure exposure from fit-outs and reinstatement costs.

Cyprus office space cost

Most importantly is the issue of budget. This is where many misconceptions about serviced offices begin.

Side by side, the price per square foot for conventional Cyprus office space is more cost-effective than Cyprus serviced offices. However, there are many hidden costs associated with a conventional Cyprus office – aside from the conventional Cyprus office costs of telecoms, furnishing, and fit-out, the tenant also takes full responsibility for everything within the office space e.g. rent, rates, service charge, and insurance. You will also pay fees for a solicitor and commercial agent.

A Cyprus serviced office will certainly appear more expensive simply because it is priced per room space per month, rather than per square meter. However, it’s important to remember that this price is fully inclusive of most costs associated with the office (telephony, broadband, reception, etc). And aside from a deposit, there are no upfront fees.

Cyprus Office serviced offices Contracts and Lease Terms can be short-term

Cyprus Office serviced offices Contracts and Lease Terms can be short-term starting from 1 year with a high level of flexibility allowing clients to move in immediately, and vacate the space with short-term notice. Conventional offices lease terms are often long-term, typically 5-10 years and usually vacated after long-term notice 

Cyprus Office serviced office provides professional staff readily available to work

Cyprus Office provides immediate adequate staff to run Cyprus international companies’ secretarial and administration work. There is no need to hire staff as there is adequate staff already employed and usually included in monthly serviced office maintenance costs. Hiring full-time staff requires large overheads. When hiring staff from Cyprus Office serviced office there are no staff binding contracts and quality is guaranteed. Businesses keep their workspace running without any interruptions, sick leaves, annual leaves, etc. Moreover not only do businesses gain significant savings from overheads, but there are significant management time savings from handling associated staff recruitment and retention issues

Cyprus Office serviced office is close to international banks

Cyprus Office is situated in a corporate area where the major Cyprus banks are situated.  Bank of Cyprus, Hellenic Bank, Russian commercial bank which are the main and biggest international banks in Cyprus, are located within walking distance from Cyprus office serviced offices

Cyprus Office servised offices provide a professional environment

Cyprus Office serviced offices give to international companies the benefit of meeting their clients in a professional environment

Cyprus Office serviced office is situated in an easily accessible place 

Cyprus Office serviced offices give to international companies the benefit of being in an accessible area thus providing convenience to people who work there. Cyprus Office serviced offices are located at the entrance of Nicosia.

Cyprus office serviced offices have already started building a business ecosystem

For Cyprus serviced office tenants there are many benefits to having a diverse range of firms working right next to each other. For example, a fledgling business could take advantage of an accountant located in the same building while a media business that could help redesign their website and a legal firm that could offer them advice. In some cases operations work hard to bring together such a mix often host networking events. This collective or co-operative environment provides a valuable network of contacts not easily obtained within a traditional Cyprus office space

Cyprus Office serviced office is close to professional services

Cyprus Office is very close to corporate services. Cyprus Office is surrounded by accountants and lawyers and access to professional services can be very easy. Upon request, Cyprus Office may also recommend high-quality accountants and lawyers

Through its associates, Cyprus Office serviced office can provide professional services for Cyprus Companies

Cyprus Office serviced offices through its associates and upon request can provide other professional business services such us, the opening of Cyprus bank account, banking administration, Cyprus company formation, accounting, and tax advisory, secretarial support and more. Cyprus international companies can, therefore, benefit from fully-supported office environment allowing them to concentrate on their businesses


Serviced offices are sometimes overlooked because of the perception that monthly rental fees are higher than a conventional office, however, benefits offered by Cyprus serviced offices make them more than worthy investment

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